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In the event an employee avails of certified sick leave and the absence is deemed to be occupational injury or disease related (under the terms of Department of Finance circulars 1/82 and 6/97), the employee is entitled to 183 days full pay in a rolling 1 year period after which they will be placed on half pay and to 365 days in a rolling 4 year period after which they will be removed from the payroll.  Once an employee is removed from the payroll after reaching the maximum paid sick leave allowed, they may be entitled to Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration.  

Important Notice Regarding Change to ​Payment of Allowance/Additional Hours for ​Occupational Injuries or Disease Sick Leave (published on IRIS 13/09/2016)

Further to a commitment from Ms Caron McCaffrey, Director of Staff and Corporate Services Directorate, with regard to Occupational Injuries or Disease (OID), you are now advised that allowances and Additional Hours payments will not be suspended pending a decision of an OID application.  Accordingly, staff should immediately inform the Attendance Management Team of the Staff and Corporate Services Directorate, via their HR Governor or the Support Services that their sick leave is due to an incident at work. Please Note:  It is important that staff be aware that should their absence subsequently be deemed not to qualify as an OID absence, any such allowances or monies which were overpaid will be recouped. Staff & Corporate Services 13 September 2016

Legislation / Circulars / IPS Policy

  1. Circular 5/1986 Assaults on Staff
  2. Circular 25/1975:- Social Welfare (Occupational Injuries) Act, 1966 Benefits and their effect on Sick Pay entitlement.
  3. Circular 1/1982:- Sick leave arising from accidents on duty
  4. Circular 06/1997 Delegated Authority In Relation to Circular 25/75
  5. IPS PIN 030 Occupational Injury or Disease


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