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Annual Leave

All employees, whether they are full-time, part-time, temporary or casual, earn annual leave entitlements from the time they start work. Most employees are entitled to four weeks paid annual leave per leave year.

Depending on time worked, employees’ holiday entitlements should be calculated by one of the following methods:

  1. 4 working weeks in a leave year in which the employee works at least 1,365 hours (unless it is a leave year in which he or she changes employment)
  2. 1/3 of a working week per calendar month that the employee works at least 117 hours
  3. 8% of the hours an employee works in a leave year (but subject to a maximum of 4 working weeks).
  • An employee will always revert to Year 1 of the Annual Leave Cycle if they do not carryover annual leave.


Annual Leave Entitlement (All Leave is in hours)


GradeLeave8-5 Mon – FriRoster
Deputy Governor 31280
Assistant Governor 31280
Chief Officer I31280342.5
Chief Officer II27272334.5
Chief Officer II (>5)29288350.5
ITI I27272
ITI I (>5)29288
ITI II23240
ITI II (>5)27272
ITI II (>10)29288
Healthcare Nurse Manager23240
Healthcare Nurse Manager (>5)27272
Healthcare Nurse Manager (>10)29288
Chief Nurse Officer II23240
Chief Nurse Officer II (>5)27272
Chief Nurse Officer II (>10)29288
Industrial Manager27272
Industrial Manager (>5)29288
Clerk I27272
Clerk I (>5)29288
CTO I27272
CTO I (>5)29288
CTO II27272
CTO II (>5)29288
Inspector Of Works (serving)25256
Inspector Of Works (>5)28280
Inspector Of Works (>10)29288
Inspector Of Works (new)23240
Inspector Of Works (>5)27272
Inspector Of Works (>10)29288
Clerk of Works Prisons23240
Clerk of Works Prisons (>5)27272
Clerk of Works Prisons (>10)29288
ACO 22232294.5
ACO (>5)23240302.5
Industrial Supervisor22232
Industrial Supervisor (>5)23240
Clerk II22232
Clerk II (>5)23240
Trades Officer21224
Trades Officer (>5)22232
Trades Officer (>10)23240
Prison Officer21224286.5
Prison Officer (>5)22232294.5
Prison Officer (>10)23240302.5
Nurse Officer21224286.5
Nurse Officer (>5)22232294.5
Nurse Officer (>10)23240302.5
Recruit Prison Officer20216278.5
PASO 125200
PASO 1 > 5yrs29232
PASO 1 > 10yrs30240
PASO 2 23184
PASO 2 > 5yrs24192
PASO 2 > 10yrs25200
PASO 322176
PASO 3 > 5yrs23184
PASO 3 > 10yrs24192


Accrual of Annual Leave while on Certified Sick Leave:

From 1st August 2015, workers can accrue annual leave when they are on long term sick leave. These changes were brought about under Section 86(1) of the Workplace Relations Act 2015.


Public Holidays

Your entitlement to public holidays is set out in the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997

Their are Nine Public Holidays as follows.


Public Holidays
New Year’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Easter Monday
First Monday in May
First Monday in June
First Monday in August
Last Monday in October
Christmas Day
St. Stephen’s Day


New Public Holiday

A new public holiday to recognise the efforts of the country during the Covid-19 pandemic and to remember those who lost their lives has been agreed by the Government.

The once-off holiday will take place on Friday, March 18th 2022. From 2023 this holiday will take place the first Monday of every February – except where St Brigid’s day, the first day of February, happens to fall on a Friday, in which case that Friday will be a public holiday.


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