Aviva Early Intervention Income Continuance

Early Intervention Program which is one of the additional benefits on the POA Income Continuance Plan.

Benefits of early intervention to members:

  • A medical profession who can provide specific support
  • Provision of private specialists if necessary
  • Physio and counselling sessions
  • Back to work planning
  • Program funded by Aviva

To avail of this program, members of the POA ICP Scheme will need to be out of work for a consecutive 4 weeks.  On receipt of request to access the scheme members will be allocated a case manager by Aviva and assessed to determine if the program will work and what treatment may be appropriate for them.  Aviva have partnered with Spectrum Health and other providers for this program, Spectrum are one of Irelands largest providers of private allied health services.  They have over 30 clinics nationwide and provide rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy, counselling and psychology.

If you have any queries about the service or wish to avail of the scheme, please contact Cornmarket at spsclaims@cornmarket.ie or phone 01 408 4018.

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