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AH Bands Explained

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Additional Hours (AH)

2.5.4 Additional Hours Bands makes available to staff  4 band levels as follows:

  • 0 hours per annum
  • 112 hours per annum
  • 240 hours per annum
  • 360 hours per annum

The grades will be grouped as set out below to facilitate the operation and application of additional hours.

Group 1 (entitled to apply for any of the bands): Prison Officer, Assistant Industrial Supervisor, Nurse Officer/Medical Orderly, Prison Officer Trades, Assistant Chief Officer and Chief Officer II.

Group 2 (entitled to apply, in the first instance, for bands up to and including the 240 band): Industrial Supervisor, Clerk II, Nursing Supervisor, Clerk I, Chief Trades Officer II, Industrial
Training Instructor II, Industrial Manager and Chief Trades Officer I. Officers in Group 2 may be considered for allocation to the 360 band where there is a shortfall arising in the allocation of
hours in Group 1. The number of staff in each band will be set by reference to the total number of hours available in the institution concerned. The number of hours available to non operational services at the Prison Service Training Centre, IPS HQ and Building Services Division will be strictly limited but staff eligible to apply for additional hours in such assignments will be entitled to apply for the 112 hours band.

Where there are more applicants than places in a particular band, preference will be given on the basis of seniority as defined in Appendix III. Unsuccessful applicants will be allocated a place in
a lower band provided their seniority entitles them to one of the available places in that band.


Where there are insufficient applications for a band, volunteers from a lower band will be sought in the first instance. Where there are insufficient volunteers from a lower band then staff will be appointed to the band on the basis of juniority.

Staff will be contributing to a pool of additional hours to satisfy the operational needs of the prison. In order to have equity for each member of staff participating in the additional hours
scheme in respect of write off, draw down and carry forward of hours, it may be necessary for staff on occasion to work some additional hours outside their normal work area in their
institution. These matters will be kept under review by the Monitoring and Review Committee.




AH BandAnnual pointsPoints Per QuarterPoints for ever hour worked
Band 0000
Band 16048001512001680
Band 26048001512002520
Band 36048001512005400
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