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Weymes Gaeltacht Scholarship Scheme

The Gaeltacht grants will be referred to as the Weymes Gaeltacht Scheme in recognitation of the dedication, commitment and sacrifice made by Marie Weymes, the late wife of Tony Weymes himself, who was General Secretary of our Association during the very difficult early years of its foundation.


Aims, Administration etc.

The Prison Officers’ Association Gaeltacht Scheme is designed to enable the children of members to go to the Gaeltacht for three weeks courses. Twenty Scholarships are currently on offer.  The National Executive Council will administer, organise and control the scheme. In these rules, ‘member’, is used to describe in-benefit members who apply on behalf of their daughters or sons.  ‘Candidate’, is used to describe the daughters or sons for whom the scholarship is being sought.



Candidates must be at least 11 years and not older than 18 years of age on 1st July in the year for which the scholarship is being sought. Not more than one Weyme Scholarship may be awarded per family.


Previous winners are eligible to re-apply.


Value of Scholarship

Each scholarship consists of payment made directly to the relevant college to cover a three-week course to a maximum of €600 (full board and fees).


Where are Scholarships applicable?

Scholarship may be applied for to nominated Gaeltacht Colleges.  Courses normally take place in June, July and August each year.


How will the Scholarships be awarded?

The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of an independently supervised draw, which will take place at the Annual Conference of the Prison Officers’ Association.




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