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Establishment of Accommodations Committee

An Accommodations Committee chaired by the local HR Governor and comprising the Senior Operational Chief Officer, the local Health and Safety Manager, the local Health and Safety Representative, the local Staff Support Officer, the Detail Officer and a member of the local POA branch must meet on a case by case basis to agree on a list of tasks/duties that are suitable for Officers seeking to return to work on a rehabilitative/restricted duties programme. It will not be the role of this Committee to examine or discuss any Officer’s medical condition.

The establishment of the Accommodations Committee and the process of drawing up the list of tasks/duties and reporting the findings in the first instance and annually to the Director of Staff and Corporate Services is the responsibility of the local HR Governor. This process must be reviewed annually and the Committee must report their findings to the Director of Staff and Corporate Services.


Rehabilitative Plan

The objective of rehabilitative/restricted duties is to facilitate an early return to work following a period of sickness absence where a Prison Officer/employee may not be fit for a “full range of operational duties” or contractual hours. It is also to accommodate staff who are at work but who at the specific time cannot, for medical reasons, undertake the full range of duties. Rehabilitative/restricted duties will only be agreed to if it will aid the recovery of the Officer and it must be seen as short term. Each period of rehabilitative/restricted duties should not exceed 3 months. Staff who are being accommodated with rehabilitative/restricted duties will not be facilitated with night duty or exchanges of duties for the duration of the accommodation.


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