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Breast & Prostate Health Assessment and Education Programme


The POA have teamed up with Cornmarket again this year to launch a vital, potentially life-saving prostate, breast health assessment and education programme, for members of the POA Group Life Plan. Under the banner “Blue Power” for men and “Pink Power” for women.


The aim of the programme is to empower members with education and awareness on the signs and symptoms of prostate and breast cancer. The POA in conjunction with Cornmarket are making available to our members the Pink and Blue Power (Breast & Prostate Health Assessment and Education Programme).


The next rollout will be in July and the alphabetical rollout below is going by first name.  You must be a member of the group life plan and women from age of 30-49 and men between the age of 40-65 will be invited.


If there is anyone who has any specific queries as to their eligibility and/or whereabouts of their invitation, they should email


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