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National Structure

At National Level the Administrative Council is made up of 8 National Officers. The Administrative Council is responsible for the day to day running of the Prison Officers’ Association. The Administrative Council is made up of 4 full time Officers (General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, and the 2 Assistant General Secretaries) and 4 part time Officers (President, Vice President, General Treasurer and Information Officer). The chief negotiators of the Prison Officers’ Association are the General Secretary and the Deputy General Secretary.

Karl Dalton

General Secretary

Gabriel Keaveny

Deputy General Secretary

Terry Goodson

Assistant General Secretary

Mark Morrison

Assistant General Secretary

Tony Power


Dermot Kelly

Information Officer

Keith Ryan

General Treasurer

Peter Redmond


National Executive Council

In the absence of Annual Delegate Conference and/or Special Delegate Conference the decision making mechanism of the Prison Officers’ Association is the National Executive Council which meets on a regular basis. The National Executive Council is made of the 8 National Officers and the Chairperson of each Branch. Any decision ratified at the National Executive Council Meetings is carried out by the Administrative Council. There are Branches of the Prison Officers’ Association in each prison/place of detention in the Republic of Ireland as directed by the National Executive Council.

Structure at Local Level

There is a Branch of the Association in each prison / place of detention in the State and such places as the National Executive Council may designate. Local Branch Committees consists of 9 members consisting of  5 Branch Officers and 4 Committee Members as outlined hereunder.

  • Branch Chairperson – National Executive Council Member.
  • Branch Secretary – First Sub National Executive Council Member.
  • Branch Treasurer – Second Sub National Executive Council Member.
  • Vice Chairperson.
  • Assistant Secretary.
  • 4 Committee Members

The chief negotiators at local level are the Branch Chairperson and Branch Secretary.

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