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Force majeure leave

The Parental Leave Acts 1998-2006 gives all employees a right to limited leave with pay for family crises.  This leave is called Force Majeure Leave.  It may be availed of where, owing to injury or the illness of specified relatives, the immediate presence of the employee is required at the place where the family member is. 

Relatives include: 

  • Parents 
  • Children 
  • Spouses (including common law spouses) 
  • Grandparents 
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Persons in a relationship of domestic dependency, including same-sex partners.


Most frequent questions and answers

The maximum force majeure leave that you may avail of is

  • Three days in any period of 12 consecutive months
  • or 5 days in any period of 36 consecutive months.

Yes, you are entitled to be paid while you are on force majeure leave. 

You must notify your employer in writing as soon as possible outlining the facts that entitled you to the leave.   

While on force majeure leave you are regarded as not being absent, and therefore you retain all employment rights, including pay and superannuation benefits. 

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