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The purpose of Circular 05/2018  is to set out the arrangements for sick leave in the Civil Service. The Sick Leave Scheme was revised following consultation with the Public Service Unions. This consultation was facilitated by the Labour Relations Commission and matters of dispute were referred to the Labour Court for a binding recommendation.

The new Public Service Sick Leave Scheme was introduced from 31 March 2014 and applies to all civil servants.  If you are absent from work on sick leave from 31 March 2014 you may have access to paid sick leave, subject to the limits that are set out below.


Paid Sick Leave

The new scheme provides for:

  • A maximum of 92 days sick leave on full pay in a year
  • Followed by a maximum of 91 days sick leave on half pay
  • Subject to a maximum of 183 days paid sick leave in a rolling four year period.

Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration (TRR)

If you have exhausted  183 days paid sick leave in a rolling 4 year period and are absent on sick leave again, you may be granted Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration for a further 548 days.  Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration used to be called “Pension Rate of Pay” and will be calculated in the same way.  Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration will only be available when there is a realistic prospect that you will be able to return to work following your illness.


Critical Illness Provisions

Additional support for staff who are critically ill has also been agreed.  The criteria for assessing whether someone is eligible for extended sick leave as a result of critical illness or serious physical injury are set out in the Critical Illness Protocol (CIP) which is available from your HR Unit.

If someone becomes critically ill or has a serious physical injury and is eligible for support under the CIP they may have access to:

  • A maximum of 183 days on full pay in a year
  • Followed by a maximum of 182 days on half pay
  • Subject to a maximum of 365 days paid sick leave in a rolling four year period.


If you  have exhausted 365 days extended paid sick leave under the CIP, you may be considered for a maximum of 12 months Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration in the first instance.  Management may then consider paying TRR for a further period of time not exceeding 730 days.  This is subject to 6 monthly reviews and may only be granted where the occupational health physician has confirmed there is a reasonable prospect of a return to work.


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