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Circular 16/2012 set out the provisions for access to paid self-certified sick leave arising from Labour Court Recommendation No. LCR 20335. Where a civil servant is absent from work due to illness, but does not attend a doctor, such an absence will be classified as self-certified sick leave. Self-certified sick leave may not exceed two consecutive days on any one occasion.


Provisions for Self-Certified Sick Leave

Sick leave for single or two day absences may be granted where a civil servant self-certifies that they were unfit for work due to illness. Such absences will not exceed 7
days in a rolling 24 month period.


24 Month Rolling Period

The 24 month rolling period is calculated by working backwards from the latest date of absence.


Excessive Self Certified Sick Leave

Where a civil servant exceeds 7 days’ self-certified sick leave in a rolling 24 month period, the civil servant will be notified that his/her pay will be reduced accordingly and the appropriate sum recouped. Unpaid absences are not pensionable service.


Legislation / Circulars / IPS Policy

  1. Circular 16/2012 Self-Certified Paid Sick Leave Arrangements
  2. Labour Court Recommendation No. LCR 20335

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